Jim Lambert for Chapel East

My name is Jim Lambert and I have lived in the area for over 25 years and during that time I have seen many changes, some for the good, some for the bad. But there are a lot things that haven’t changed at all.

I believe the time is come to act and work to see if we can improve life for all and I am proud to be selected as your local candidate.

Look to the Future

My grandchildren were born and went to school in the area. I want to see affordable housing for them to rent and buy, secure and well-paid jobs for them to do. I want them to live and stay in this beautiful area and bring up their own children and contribute their skills and energy for the benefit of Chapel and the High Peak area.

My pledges to you

For Chapel East

• Look to develop ways to improve for visitors and
• Fight to keep parking free for residents

• Work to achieve better Police numbers and presence in

• Improve council house services
• Work with private tenants to improve conditions
• Look at plans to build more affordable homes

• Support and Promote local employment
• Encourage apprenticeships and consult with local
businesses on creating jobs

Ways to get in touch
Call 07769754288 or email me on jimlambert@labourhighpeak.info