How to get involved with your local Labour Party

If you are an honest, hard working citizen who cares about your community and the provision of support and healthcare for the ill and vulnerable then you may want to consider joining the Labour Party. Furthermore, if you are passionate about upholding these values and want to champion democracy then you are welcome to join our local Labour Party activities. Here is how to get involved:

  1. Join the national Labour Party – membership costs as little as £2.09 per month and pricing scales up depending on your income
  2. Wait for your membership pack – this will contain details on how to contact your local Labour Party member’s branch
  3. Join us for one of our monthly local Labour party branch meetings. We will discuss events which effect our local community and hear reports from Labour Party councillors about what is being discussed and agreed
  4. Volunteer – We’re always looking for help with various Labour Party duties, ranging from the delivery of leaflets, knocking on peoples doors for a friendly chat and canvassing in public areas to bring awareness about local and national subjects.

We get involved in all sorts of activities and we’re always looking for creative people-powered contributions to help make our communities a better, safer place. We want a society where all people are treated equally and wealth is fairly distributed.