Burbage Candidate Tony Glew’s Profile

I am married with 4 children and previously I worked in IT. I started with ICI in Wilmslow, moved to the NHS, worked in the private sector in Belfast and Birmingham and then in Local Government. Here I got a lot of experience in sorting problems in Social Care, children and adults, in housing, libraries and education.

Local Government is complex and vital to our country, and the role of the Councillor is critical in making it work for us. I’ve worked with Labour for 30 years and helped MPs and local councillors to deliver their policies.
If elected to Burbage I’d put all my energy into delivering decent services for Burbage residents. I will listen to the voices of Burbage people and help to develop Buxton into a thriving special town. I’ll work with High Peak councillors for the good of the District.

My Pledges to you

For Burbage:

  • Make everyone aware of the Leek Road planning proposals and ensure Burbage people have their input to any decisions and are represented at planning appeals
  • Ensure any grants which come with building work are spent on Burbage
  • Infrastructure – education, doctors, and shops
  • Make transport connections with Buxton a top priority to meet Burbage people’s needs

For Buxton:

  • Homes for our families, to meet the needs of all residents – young and old and families
  • Transport improve public transport and make it more affordable, to reduce congestion and pollution
  • An economic plan for Buxton consulting local businesses, community groups and residents
  • Involve local people, delivering Labour policy depends on you